Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Geoff and Gavin Singing
Let's Build in Minecraft - Giant Creeper
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here we have 10 minutes and 21 seconds of just singing and weird noises from the giant creeper let’s build. you’re welcome. [x]


There we go.  Part II done.  Part III in planning stages.  Please remember to review.  It keeps me smiling.

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SUMMARY:  Kurt counted the days even though no one else did anymore, and for what, he didn’t know.  His dad died eight years ago, and he had no other family to speak of.  His days were monotonous and thankless as he hunted for the community he lived in.  Long gone were the days when he could dabble in music and fashion because that world no longer existed, and without those things - who was Kurt Hummel really?  Until the day an emergency transmission is received and what Kurt is forced to reconsider what is existing and what is truly living.

TAGS: Char death (minor/past), AU, SciFi/Fantasy, Dystopia, Action, First Time, DubCon


"I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. We’ve talked for no doubt thousands of hours over the course of our friendship, a friendship that while only 6 months old, feels like 10 years. I can without a doubt say that he’s the best friend I’ve made from this entire adventure (and one of the best friends I’ve made in my life) and everyday I look forward to figuring out something we can do together to make people laugh. You’re a kind, hilarious, and amazing person and I’m honored to call you my friend.”

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Oh, so in another edition of Jen Is Terrible At Humaning, I definitely thought 5SOS sang “STDs” and not “skinny jeans” during She Looks So Perfect last night.


Just one highlight of a wonderful night.

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this is the best cat video i’ve ever seen on the internet

and i’ve seen a lot of cat videos

im gonna die

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OK everyone. WHAT IS PARRISH?!?! Thoughts???



OK everyone. WHAT IS PARRISH?!?! Thoughts???


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This has been a Ray’s wet shirt appreciation post.

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one of the best hypothetical questions i have ever heard (source)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This news reporter just farted. #abcnews


Monday, August 18, 2014
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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014
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